A Brave New Browser

The Brave browser, released Jan 20th, 2016, promised users a experience that is faster, more private, and crypto oriented compared to other browsers. There are a few key components that set Brave apart from other browsers personally, as a user, I can tell you its one hell of a browser.

Recently, I did a poll to see how many people are using brave and the numbers did not disappoint. For the few of you who asked what is Brave, make sure to keep reading!

Brave is about 30% faster than your typical browser for a few key reasons. First off, there are not a bunch of 3rd party apps to slow your browsing speed down on the Brave browser. Secondly, since Brave is privacy oriented you save a little bit of time with unnecessary ads popping up or loading and tracking data taking time away from your site viewing experience.

Brave is tied to BAT (Basic Attention Token) to reward its users for viewing up to 5 ads per hour. Currently, this is only used for tipping creators (like us) but they do plan to roll it out so you can withdraw your bat into your Uphold wallet. They also offer bounties from time to time which is basically an air drop within the browser for BAT.

Brave is ultra private. Not even the people at brave know who you have tipped, how much you tip, what sites you are going to, or what part of the world your are browsing. Now, sites like mine can still tell where the traffic is coming from as that is generally dictated by IP which brave does not hide, but beyond that, its hard for sites to pull more data from you. Brave also blocks Pop-Ups and other Ads to help keep your browsing experience private. The big thing is Brave has no idea what you are doing with their browser and thus can not sell any of your browsing data to 3rd parties, another way they try to ensure that you are in control.

Tipping sites like BlogCoinz is made easy with Brave. You can manually tip or auto-tip to sites that have your attention once a month. You can send funds to your uphold wallet to tip with or earn BAT by viewing ads or collecting bounties. Tips and Ad rewards seem to be distributed once per month around the 8th. (Payouts confirmed!)

Overall I give Brave a 9.8 and my only small issue with it is how plain it looks (some color options would be nice). But, then again, keeping it simple is part of the reason it is so fast.

Click here to try brave! It is available on PC, iOS, and android.

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