eSports Betting With Bitcoins

Are you interested in eSports betting with bitcoins, then we are here to give a detailed description on eSports betting. We are here to explain some most popular eSports betting with bitcoins. You will have enormous opportunities in the eSports betting market.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a global coin used for the digital transaction and is stored in digital wallets, these digital wallets are apps which can be downloaded in your smartphones. Bitcoin is powered by blockchain technology. Hence, it seems to be transparent and safe with advanced security systems.

What are eSports Games?

Esports or electronic sports are stunning video gaming competitions. Games in eSports are categorized into leagues, tournaments and you can play them either individually or with a team. You can also find some live streaming videos on youtube, this creates a huge fan base which brings them to watch live games.

Popular eSports Games Today:

The following are popular eSports games that can be found in any online betting websites today. It is suggested that a wide range of websites would differ from one website to another.

DOTA 2 It’s a battle arena game, they consist of two teams with five players and they win the game by applying new tactics on the other party. The game also  involves farming, attacks, focus fire and various expertise games.

CS:GO – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a first-person shooter game played between two teams that consist of a many number of players per team depending on the game event. In major events, CS:GO competitions follow the five formats.

StarCraft 2 – StarCraft (1 and 2) is always a part of the eSports events from the initial stages of its birth. The game is a Real-Time Strategy set in which players will be able to choose three different races. The game revolves around a player,  who can build a base of an army faster than their opponent. 

League of Legends – The game is all about a battle arena that is played against two teams with five players per side; just like DOTA2.

Overwatch – Is an FPS game, which is played with two teams and six players per side. Each  game character has different roles and responsibilities. Here all the players can choose the support classes.

You can bet on the games which are listed above on many websites online – here are the best 5  betting sites, which allow you to bet with bitcoin. 

Try your luck placing your bets! Enjoy each and every second in betting on eSports, enjoy the marvelous creation of  games!

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