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Pandroyty Token(PDRY) is considered to solve the problem of current customer loyalty program. Currently, as a loyalty program, there are several types of points(loyalty program) issued from stores.
For example, there are original points(loyalty program) that can only be used at individual shops and common points where cross industry can use multiple industries, the situation is complicated.

The problem at the customer is that customers can only use the points accumulated by each loyalty program at each shop, and the points received at times can miss the opportunity and expire.

The problem with the store is that the store can issue points and enclose the customer, but with the loyalty program as it is, it will be difficult to acquire new customers.

We will develop solutions by combining Blockchain technology and ideas to solve these problems and to enable both customers and businesses to enjoy efficient services.

Pandroyty Token (PDRY) is thinking in the future that it can be redeemed for points issued by the store, and the store can pay for use of the service.

The first service of [L.I.N.P] is the coupon creation service of Apple Wallet and Google Pay Pass. This service started from June.

This service is based around the generation of pass coupons via smartphone browser apps. Pass coupons are generated in the form of a URL (or QR code), which the user can then click to save the coupon to the payment app (Apple Wallet or Google Pay) on their phone.

This method makes the distribution of paper coupons obsolete, as you can now easily distribute coupons directly to customersf smartphones via Twitter, Facebook and other websites. Itfs also possible to adjust the number of times a coupon can be used, as well as limit their usage to a set number of customers who redeem them first. We are also preparing to add the ability to send notification messages.

Additionally, when distributing your advertisements through various different mediums, you can check the number of times users have saved and redeemed your coupons through each medium used. This allows you to measure the effectiveness of your advertising in different mediums.

Currently, it has been introduced to restaurants, relaxation & spas, fitness clubs, and cruise tourism. From now on, as the number of stores introduced increases, the recognition of tokens also increases, and it is thought that the volume of distribution will also increase.

Keep an eye on future deployments of PDRY and LINP services.

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PDRY is listed on the LATOKEN exchange

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