MinedHash – A Platform for Gamers, Miners and Crypto Enthusiasts

MinedHash is an English language media, education and shopping platform for everything cryptocurrency, mining and gaming.

The aim of MinedHash is to distribute only meaningful news, reviews and education from the blockchain and gaming spheres. 

Launched in early 2020 by co-founders Ronan Mullaney and Tommy Limpitlaw, MinedHash has a growing foothold in the crypto, mining and gaming space, and is gradually building respected partnerships within the technology world.

MinedHash has its own online store. The MinedHash Online Store has distributors in the US, Europe and China, and sells everything from mining and gaming hardware, software, books, apparel and memorabilia.

The MinedHash platform concentrates on three niches: Mining, Cryptocurrency and Gaming, and they write about the latest news, reviews and educational pieces about all three niches.

MinedHash Mining  

The mining team have been involved in the mining space for several years now, and have experience with all aspects of mining. They all mine from home, have experience constructing mining rigs from scratch, have vital knowledge of the best and worst mining pools, and have also tried and tested certain aspects of the cloud mining business.

Their knowledge in the mining space is critical to the success and future of MinedHash, and they often write ‘How to’ guides, and reviews about all aspects of the mining industry, while also covering the latest and most important news affecting the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining industry.

There is also an in-depth glossary page, which should be everybody’s first port of call when needing to understand the technicalities of the cryptocurrency mining industry. It covers all the technical terminology of the mining space that anyone interested in getting into mining has to master. 

MinedHash Cryptocurrency 

The whole MinedHash team is into cryptocurrency. The debate between our Bitcoin maximalists and crypto enthusiasts is often a hot topic, but one thing they can all agree on is the emergence of the cryptocurrency asset class.

Our team of cryptocurrency researchers and writers will write about their passion and critical news, bringing you only newsworthy stuff and advice for the cryptocurrency space.

MinedHash Gaming  

MinedHash’s team of gamers have been into gaming since… well since they could navigate a Pong paddle for our oldest gamer. I won’t mention any names, but seriously, our team has been into gaming all their lives, whether that’s from the 1970s to our youngest member who missed out on the classics but has arguably more knowledge on the gaming space than most.

MinedHash doesn’t just want to cover gaming, however. Being crypto enthusiasts, the team believes blockchain gaming is a natural evolution for the gaming space, and are keenly following blockchain gaming platforms, such as Ethereum, EOS and Tron.

The MinedHash team are excited about the capabilities blockchain will bring for the gaming space, and keep themselves updated with all the innovation of different token types that will facilitate the ownership of virtual assets.

Why MinedHash?

MinedHash is in its infancy, but the team are highly experienced in all aspects of the three industries this exciting new platform covers.

So, whether you want to catch up on the latest news, read honest reviews on the latest products, or discover best ways to earn cryptocurrency, MinedHash should be your place to go. Just don’t spend it all in the MinedHash Store.

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