Pibexa Review – Should you Trust this New Broker?

It is a well-known fact that the forex market is one of the most lucrative markets in the world. Due to its size and the massive number of foreign currency pairs that can be traded, it offers opportunities to everyone and this has contributed to its immense popularity. One of the best things about forex trading is that getting started is a lot simpler than any other form of trading. However, it is vital to remember that your trading experience will depend mostly on your broker. The broker you choose can have an impact on the profits you make from forex trading at the end of the day. 

The forex market is overflowing with brokers, ready to help people in making their entry into this market. But, this doesn’t mean that every broker is a good one. Some brokers are unprofessional and don’t provide proper services whereas some are downright scammers. Since Pibexa is a relatively new forex broker that was launched just last year, it is a given that people will have questions about its reliability. However, if you do even a little bit of research, you will easily discover that the broker has developed quite a positive reputation in the market in this short time span. 

Regardless, the question remains that why should this new broker be trusted when you can find other brokers who have been around for longer? To find the answer, you will have to take a look at exactly what makes Pibexa unique. Read on to find out:

  • It has flexible trading solutions 

Modern trades are more interested in flexible and advanced trading solutions than traditional ones. Well-aware of this fact, Pibexa has come up with trading platforms that can fulfill the needs of its clientele in the best possible way. They have a web trading platform, which is accessible via the broker’s website, eliminating the hassle of downloading and installation. This platform can be accessed on your PC, your laptop, tablet and even smartphone, as long as they have a browser.

You will find it easy to navigate and Pibexa has added impressive features like trading in a single-click, great execution speed and an array of order types, such as Take Profit and Stop Loss, to assist traders. The cherry on top are the mobile apps the broker has developed for Android and iOS devices that enable traders to be connected with the market on the go. No matter where you are, the market will be accessible to you and the app gives you access to numerous tools that can make trading easy.

  • It provides social trading features

Who doesn’t like shortcuts? To make huge profits from forex trading, you obviously need to be a skilled and professional broker and this can take a long time. If you don’t want to wait that long, you can take advantage of the social trading feature that Pibexa has added to its trading platform. With this option, you will be able to monitor what expert and seasoned traders are doing, the trades they are making and the strategies they are using and then copy it yourself. Hence, you are tapping into their skills and experience to make a profit, which can save a lot of time and effort on your part.

  • It complies with AML and KYC procedures

With security concerns on the rise, it is imperative that traders opt for a broker that is just as conscious about the security of its clients. Pibexa falls in this category because it values its customers and wishes to provide them a safe trading environment. To accomplish this goal, the broker is keeping up with AML and KYC procedures, which are part of international standards and regulations. These Anti-Money Laundering and KYC procedures are aimed at obtaining proper documentation from traders to verify their identity and address.

Traders are asked to submit proof of ID through a national ID card, passport or driver’s license and they have to give proof of address via a bank statement or utility bill. These documents confirm their identity and help the broker in ensuring that no hacker, scammer or cybercriminal is able to make an account on their trading platform. 

  • It offers lots of variety in currency pairs

The forex market has a trading volume of more than $5 trillion on a daily basis. It has managed to reach this peak because there are thousands of currency pairs that can be traded by people all over the globe. But, not every broker will give you access to a lot of options and the limitations can prove to be stifling when you want to expand your investment. 

With Pibexa, this doesn’t have to be a concern because this broker has added a huge variety of currency pairs to their trading platform. There are major and minor currency pairs, such as USD/EUR, USD/GBP and USD/CAD, but that’s not all. If you are looking for more volatile options, Pibexa has also added some exotic currency pairs to the mix to help you take advantage of even the smallest of price movements. 

  • It has a customer-focused approach

One of the most notable aspects of Pibexa is that they are a customer-centric broker, which means they have ensured that every single client can find the support and assistance they need. Customer support is available through several channels, like email and phone number. You can also fill out the form that the broker has provided on its website under the Contact Us option. The agents are very responsive and will get back to you quickly to answer your queries and resolve any complaints you might have.

Can it be Trusted?All these aspects of Pibexa indicate that it is indeed a trustworthy broker. Even though it is new in the market, it is licensed to provide trading services and does an excellent job. You can get the best trading conditions, superior trading tools and a sophisticated trading platform to carve your way into the forex market.

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